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October 07, 2008



Here we go again.

Our community is made up of only BOYS' sports.

Don't get me wrong. The football team is pulling together very well and is fun to watch BUT the girls vb team is doing an awesome job and some of us like to brag about our grandkids to relatives that live away from here and this year we are unable to have them come to this sight like we have in the past to 'check out the highlights'. I still tell them to check my grandson's football hightlights so that is good too!

I just can't believe that with the record these girls have and the amount of games they play vs the amount of games football has that there is nothing on here!

I understand things take time but the fb game hightlites can be on within days of the last game and we are used to waiting a week or more for the vb highlights but at least they used to be on here.

Just wanted to let those in charge know - people do look- people do enjoy all the areas you cover--_THANK YOU! - and we hope that you will continue to cover ALL sports!

The girls play their first VB playoff game on Fri. Oct. 24th at 7 pm at ROCORI....come and watch-it is againt Paynesville.

ROCORI was seeded 1st! It is something to congratulate them on! Go GIRLS!

Keep up the good work too boys in fb! We cheer on all the sports. CC had a nice season and girls swimming also had quiet a few highlights this year! Way to go!

Thank you!

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