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August 06, 2008


Gertrude S Cash

I am so sorry. I cry everytime I see him on TV. My sweet niece died with the same problem. I know that we shall see Leroy in Heaven some sweet day......Gertrude

Tony  bachler

He will be missed here on earth; In heaven Can you hear Leroy, Chet and jerry Reed, Playing For Everyone I can hardly wait.I've been playing pro. for 53 years Leroy was one of the best Tony Bachler Seattle Wa.

John H Barth

To Leroys family:
I mourn the loss of a great guitarist, I to used to play guitar, and I reconize Leroy's talent.My prayers go out to his family.

Ron Burton

I, like so many, watch "MidWest Country" to hear that awesome guitar styling that backed so many. I too am a newcomer to RFD-tv and was fascinated by Leroy's smoothness.
I have played guitar for more than 50 years, with many bands, and so appreciate great talent when I see it. Thank goodness for the "MidWest Country" show's, tapes. God bless a great man...


I was saddened to hear about Leroy's passing.I think Leroy made the show with his great style guitar playing,and miss not seeing him there.My best to his wife and family.


Betty  Marsh

He was a wonderful person & mADE SUCH BEAUTIFUL MUSIC, I really miss him on TV . My heart goes out to his wife & family for their loss , betty Marsh Nocona Tx,

Wayne E. Jackson

We miss Leroy on Midwest Country so much, We love it when thay run the old shows with him on.
I am waiting for his DVD
God Bless....WJ........
Odum Ga.

john steinmetz

this is a question i have for anyone that might know. i am looking for any videos of Leroy playing his guitar. i have a couple of his cds and i hope there are more.i have only known of Leroy for the last couple of years.My mother got me hooked on RFD tv and i love the way Leroy plays the guitar.For i play a little but only dream about playing like him.He will be greatly missed.So if anybody knows anythink please let me know. Thank You

Mary Langham-Daniel

I was so saddened to hear of Leroy's passing, what a beautiful soul heaven has received...Heaven seems sweeter now that it has such a talented soul as Leroy..My husband & I enjoyed his gutar playing each Saturday night on Midwest Country...Leroy you live on in the hearts of many, thank you for the memories ...We pray for your family that misses you so much...
God Bless

H C & Carolyn Morris

We were sad to hear that Leroy Glazier had
passed away. Leroy was so gifted and we
enjoyed watching him on RFD-TV. Our thoughts
and prayers are with His Family. I know that
His Music and talent will live in the hearts
and minds of many.

HC & Carolyn Morris
Cheraw SC

Harlan and Hazel Larson

We watched and listened to Leroy many times and always enjoyed His style and His fine talent for music. He will be greatly missed,but always remembered. God bless Him and all His family and friends.

Joyce Opelt

What a talent lost to us earth people and what a great talent in Heaven. So sorry to hear of Leroy's passing this last weekend.
Prayers are with his family.

Joyce Opelt

We were totally surprised when we watched Midwest Country this last weekend and heard that Leroy had passed..what a talent lost to us earth people and what a glorious welcome to the heavens..

Frank Williams

I have watched him play for a long time on Midwest Country and have always admired his playing ability regardless who the singer was. My wife and I were watching tonight's program and learned of his passing. We are very saddened and our condolences go out to his family. County music has lost a star. May God bless him.

freida & bill allan

I know this is very late, but we miss Leroy's picking, he had a God given talent that we miss greatly,

Larry S.

Oh no I can"t believe I missed hearing of Leroy' passing. So still wanted to pass along by belated reply here. I truly enjoyed watching him play on RFD TV and will miss him everyday. He was blessed with his talent and I wish I could have thanked him in person but just never got up to Minn to go to any of the shows there. I hope his family has been able to carry on.

Larry S
Roswell, NM USA

Frank Subaran

I watched RFD TV just to see and hear leroy play. I play guitar myself and for me Leroy was one of the very best, with a delicate and sublime touch.

I will miss him badly. Rest in peace, my dear friend.


Donsel Champ

Iwas very sad when I heard that Leroy had Passed. I hardly ever miss Midwest Country show on RFD-tv. I would rather watch Midwest show than go to Branson. It just seems more down to earth to me. My regaurds to his Family and may they have the strenght to carry on with the Midwest country show.Leroy has a new band to play with now on the otherside. God Bless

Pat Dennis

My husband and I enjoy Midwest Country and apparently missed the night that was his last appearance. We so enjoyed his music.

Don & Lois Goeman

we loved this show and we were saddened to hear of his untimely death

willie t. treece

I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Glazier's passing. I always tuned in to RFD TV just to hear him play that special guitar. He and Chet Atkins were my favorite players. I have played the guitar for over 70 years and I certainly know how to appreciate a master and he was certainly a master of the six strings. My condolences to his family. He will be surely missed. Thank you.

Thomas J. Vlasic

Saturday night - RFD TV - Midwest Country.
It will not be the same.

Tom Vlasic
Carroll County, Mississippi

Glen Perkins

I am sorry to hear of Leroy's passing. I never knew him personally, but was always impressed with his clean, tasteful, and truly flawless guitar playing on Midwest Country.

Beulah & Jim Thornton

Leroy was never highlighted enough on Midwest Country. He was one of our very favorites, certainly is not the same without him! We loved him and we only saw him on that show.

Heath Wilson

I was surely saddened to hear about the death of Leroy. My favorite part about Saturday night was watching the Midwest Country Show and hearing Leroy play that guitar. It won't be the same from now on. I didn't know him, but he seemed like a good ole country boy. May the Lord's blessings be with his family during this time. Heath Wilson Sandcut, Alabama

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