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February 22, 2008


Charles Bohmer

Grace Kellner is my grandmother Bohmers' niece. My grandmothers' maiden name was Barbian. My grandmother passed away many years ago and I just found out of my cousin Grace today.

I will research the references to Grace as she must be a very wonderful lady.

tommy weber

My home away from home !
My "GREAT " Aunt Gracie, If they were sainting with the Pope here in the USA today I will submit HER.
Venison, rabbit, squirrel, pheasant and duck a goose too then out of this world " snapping turtle " yes of course fish but oh my goodness the " river sunnies " Pounders only !.... Puppy tails to dock and Buffalo robe to cover you from the night chill SHE was my second Mother. While many of us remember her for her nourishing of our bodies I will never forget the LOVE she gave to nourish my soul ...
what a beautiful lady,

Greg Helmer

The interview with my Aunt Grace Kellner was awesome! Having visited her so many times in my childhood and, being the receipient of her fryed fish, home made bread, and pickles, whew! She is truly a beutiful person. It is so important to here the stories people like Grace have to tell. How about some more Grace? The house on the river south of town, More Grandpa Charlie, Or Alex's garden.

Leila Gilley

Thank you for recording this interveiw! It was a wonderful to see my Great Aunt Gracie talk about her childhood and to see pictures with the stories.
~Leila Gilley

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