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November 15, 2006


Duane Kuss

I certainly can see how both Jim's story and Courtney's comments can be true. Certainly the state that pot creates can have a positive effect on folks who are in pain. But, too much of a good thing can certainly lead to Jim's situation. I'm not a doctor... but that's my take on the need for balance in life.

Courtney N. Garmon

Why are you mis informing information? If pot was creating cancer, why would they have patients that have cancer smoke it (other than the obvious to have them gain an appetite after kemo treatments) if it was going to produce more cancer in thier bodies? Why would the Doctors prescribe certain , if any dosages at all if it was going to cause caner? The closest medically to a fatal illness, or a health problem that pot has ever caused was brochitis, and more of the silli (which they are small hairs in the boddy to capture mucus) dying off- which this happens anyways if you smoke, or are around anyone who smokes. I am a college student studying the effects through my Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco class, and if you are going to try to scare kids into not smoking by telling them stories, I suggest you tell them facts. Sorry for Jim but, it wasn't the smoking of pot that gave or caused your cancer.

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