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July 26, 2006


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Have you ever heard of Donkey Baseball before? There's a pitcher and a batter just like in the big leagues... but that's about as far as the normal game goes. Imagine playing a baseball game where in order to make your way around the bases you'd have to be riding a donkey. Imagine being in the outfield and finding the only way you can pass the ball from one player to another is by siting or riding a donkey. Then add to all this the personality of each of the donkeys and you have some of the most hilarious and funny video footage you have ever watched.

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Great job on the RB add!! I don't know michael, it looked the humans were more ass-like than the donkeys. I'm sure they have experienced worse treatment.

i wasn't happy watching this. they keep tormenting that donkey, even though its obvious he/she's had enough of being bossed around by the humans and made a laughing stock. whipping him so he'd do what they want? stupid! how degrading and demeaning to this poor animal.

everyone there was obviously taking this as a "fun" event... unless you think of it from the donkeys' perspective.

shows you how twisted the human mind is.

MNstories is one less zero than that most of the time. :-) congrats getting on Rocketboom!

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