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January 27, 2006



I think it lands in the hands of the parents. There is always going to be violence and sex and other stuff that isn't ok for kids - parents need to be the gatekeepers, not society.


First of all I feel kids and young adults are playing too much of violent
games of all sorts, which would push the market what sells. Media would
probably follow this because the money or this is what the people wants.
Its to bad I seems they covering negative things then possitive. I beleave
it starts at home we as parents have to pay attention what our childern
are doing. This is a very big issue!

Brad Schott

Unfortunately as the exposure to TV and computer gaming violence has increased over the past years, parental guidance with their children has not kept up the pace. Adults need to assure children understand the difference between stage violence and the real thing. Harmful acts on TV or on computer games do not have the same conseqence as committing that act in real life. Our kids are exposed to violence everyday on TV, in music or while playing computer games, but are they able to understand how much pain and suffering that same act would cause in real life.

Duane Kuss

This media addiction issue is a big one in our family. Just this week we had to shut down access for our Son, when he repetively chose the television and the computer over getting his homework done. It's an issue that definately has to stay on the family radar screen.

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