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September 20, 2005



They called it the Grasshopper Chapel because it was built in honor of the blessed virgin after people prayed to her when a Grasshopper plague fell upon cold spring. they said that if she made the grasshoppers go away they would build her a chapel and would offer prayers to her for the next 15 years. After the bad storms the chapel was destroyed since it was made of limber. it was reconstructed in 1951(destroyed in 1894). It is now made of granite. its a beautiful place. its said that many people would take a pilgrimage there. its truly an amazing story, if you want to read the whole thing look at this article:

Duane Kuss

They called it the "Grasshopper Chapel" because it was originally built in honor of the Virgin Mary stopping the grasshopper plague that hit the area and ravaged all the crops and plants.

You may want to view this story to learn more:


that is a great story, but why did they call it grasshopper chapel?

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