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April 08, 2009



Proud to be a YES voter from Cold Spring. Now is the time to expand!Has ANYBODY seen the middle school now? Take a tour? It is BAD! They have failed A couple inspections already! And why throw in hundreds of thousands of dollars for stuff that we will have to keep fixing!When we could have it all done already!And I agree with you,Dave,that the best building projects and expansions happened during a low economic climate!


Proud to be a YES voter from Cold Spring. This was the best time to expand. Over history the best building projects and expansions happened in a times of a low economic climate. It will be our responsibility, James, to have oversight on the expenditures of this build. State law prevents the expenses from going over the bonded amount. Lets talk again in a couple of years after all the expenses are paid for. We'll have a coffee in the new cafeteria.


Proud to be a no voter from Cold Spring. NOW was not the time to expand, we are possibly in a very long recession. Anyone who voted yes was duped into believing everything about the 29 million dollar question. Believe Me it will cost more than they say. I've been though this before in another district so thanks to everyone for voting yes to raise my taxes yet again! Everyone in the private sector takes a salary cut from top to bottom. Will the teachers and administration ever take a cut in this recession?? I do not think so. Personally, I would like to see that. But then again when has a government monopolized union ever made a concession?

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